WBSnet Ltd. at RENEXPO

We are happy to inform you that our company took part on Hungary's professional Energy Trade Fair, the 5th RENEXPO® Central Europe International Trade Fair and Congress for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency as an exhibitor.
The event proudly presents the following results in 2011:
  • 135 exhibitors (30% increase compared to 2010) from 11 countries
  • 680 participants at the conferences
  • 3490 visitor (14% increase compared to 2010)
  • 9 professional conferences
Our company proudly presents the following results in 2011:
  • during the three day exhibition, around 100 firms (50% international, 50% domestic) was especially interested in our stall
  • our stall was considered outstanding by the organisers both in its presentation and in the number of visitors it drew
  • it was our pleasure to satisfy the interest of the private, residential sector on the final, residential day of the exhibition, and cater for more than local councils and corporations.
The main themes of the 2011 trade fair was sustainable and decentralised energy production, energy supplies and energy storage, as well as intelligent and efficient energy distribution. Visitors could meet the firms at the Bioenergy World, Solar Park and Geothermal Island, among others.

Opening the exhibition and certain professional conferences, the event's patron, Deputy State Secretary Péter Olajos expressed his belief that local councils should prepare their individual strategies, action plans as soon as possible, as investments and developments are always realised in connection with a given locality. He called the attention of investors, market figures, local councils and financial institutions capable of financing investments to find the common points and work together, producing such urban conceptions that provide the town with development possibilities, entrepreneurs with market, the countryside and domestic industry with development, and residents with new jobs, thus creating the foundations of a low carbon emission, green economy. Parallel with the trade fair, professional conferences were held in the fields of biogas, energy efficiency, geothermal and solar energy with the participation of professional alliances. Attendees arrived from several European countries.

RENEXPO® was an official program of the Hungarian EU presidency. A special event of the trade fair was the 2nd Renewable Heating and Cooling Technology yearly conference, during which the European professional alliances (AEBIOM, EGEC, ESTIF, EUREC) defined their goals concerning renewable energies until 2050.

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