At WBSnet Ltd., we design modern microprocessor devices, as well as system-on-chip (SoC), FPGA, DSP and MCU devices. We do research on the initial technological and functional demands; then we design the schematic drawings and the multilayer printed circuit boards. We strictly adhere to environmental provisions and the RoHS directive at all times. All of our implementation processes are analyzed by our technicians in order to reduce the possibilities for error.

Schematic drawings We design digital and digital-analogous schematic drawings using modern electronic components. We create high-speed interfaces (Ethernet, USB, PCI) and integrate them with wireless data transfer modules (WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS) and other hardware devices.

Printed circuit boards
We design multilayer PCBs (class 5 or higher) using BGA components and taking impedance into account. Our developments comply with IPC specifications, as well as with Design-For-Test (DFT), Design-For-Manufacture (DFM), Signal Integrity Analysis, and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) specifications. Also, we closely monitor thermal conditions all throughout the planning cycle.

SoC tools
Our company’s key area of activity is the development of digital devices using low voltage system-on-chip (SoC) tools. On these devices we use high definition LCD (TFT, STN, touch panel) displays for the implementation of graphical user interface (GUI). The device can also be accessed remotely through a web interface. We guarantee mobility and portability through energy saving methods. We observe the newest SoC tendencies and guarantee the best price to value ratio for your product. When we have the chance to develop a product in one step, we employ SoC tools as they are better fit for such a purpose.

Proprietary algorithms
We offer: modeling of device operating algorithms; system design using CAD and mathematical models; integration of proprietary algorithm into devices and embedded software design.


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