Energy performance

Review of the energy performance of buildings
In accordance with Decree No. 7/2006. (V. 24.) TNM on the establishment of the energy characteristics of buildings, we classify buildings according to their energy performance. This includes the overall assessment of the building, the classification of the building according to energy performance characteristics, and giving recommendations for technical interventions aimed to reduce energy consumption.

Energy Audit
According to current regulation, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), which basically serve as a building’s “green card”, have been in effect since January 1, 2009. What this means is that acquiring an EPC is obligatory for the administration of new buildings; and in the future (depending on regulations) this will be obligatory for used buildings as well. The aim of this certificate is to ensure energy conservation as well as to provoke discussion regarding more energy efficient solutions. For all of our projects, our company undertakes to prepare an Energy Performance Certificate which is in compliance with Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament on the “Energy Performance of Buildings”.

Energy concept planning for buildings
The point of conceptual design is that future tasks should be chosen by keeping in mind the aim of the renovation (i.e., energy preservation) instead of focusing on the renovation of constructions that are already damaged and require maintenance. A conceptual design which is prepared using proper professional knowledge and factual data will show the building’s owners the building’s energy performance while also making it possible to outline the tasks to be performed, even for years in advance.


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