Project development

Many of the leading countries invest money, time and energy in the energetics project development with increased emphasis. The reason to this is that the technological development of the humanity and the consumption of energy are growing continuously. The unfortunate accidents in the recent decades of the traditional (hydrocarbon, water, nuclear power-based) power plants and the environmental pollution caused by them revealed that more attention should be paid to the nature and to the environmentally friendly energy technologies. In Europe and the neighboring countries more and more realized, well-run projects have been handed over, while in our country the process had diminish from the initial momentum.

Project development of renewable energetics

Today, renewable energy sources and the focus on energy efficiency serve as the foundations for our future energy needs. Since the use of renewable energy sources requires energy production and methods of utilization which are completely different in their structure and approach from what we have become accustomed to over the decades, we use our professional experience to help our partners shift their approach with regard to this special field as well. Renewable energy sources are sources which become available through natural processes and are able to replenish themselves (e.g. solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy). Since it is renewable energy sources and energy efficiency which must provide the basis for our future energy needs, during the implementation of our projects we do our best to raise the awareness of the decision makers and of the representatives of the various layers of society that are concerned in order to make people recognize the invaluable benefits of “alternative” energy sources as soon as possible. To do this, WBSnet Ltd. cooperates with local and foreign professional teams and companies involved in energy efficiency and renewable energy in order to be able to implement as many innovative projects to this effect as possible, both locally and in bordering countries.


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