Building energetics

Energetics certificate

The energetics certificate involves the buildings’ energetics characteristics; it shows the efficiency of energy consumption of the building. The energetics rating can be improved with appropriate measures and modernization and this affects the property’s energy costs.

The certificate

  • from 2009, upon completion of the new building (when the occupancy permit application is handed in) is mandatory to prepare, which authentic document is issued by an energetics certifier. According to the legislation, the building which is about to be occupied must reach the C energetics grade.
  • from 2012, all sale and more than one consecutive year rental of building, the seller/ lessor must have an energetics quality certificate.

Legal background:

Under the decree of 176/2008. (VI.30.) from the 1st of January of 2009 to occupy an estate or long-term – more than one year- leasing, or greater than 1000 m2 of usable area of official purpose, or state-owned, public-used buildings, to issue an Energetic Certificate – a Green card is necessary. In case of existing buildings, real estate stand-alone purpose unit, apartments, houses, commercial real estate for sale and purchase from the 1st of January of 2012 the procurement of an energetics certificate is required.

The certifier:

According to the legal requirements the certificate may be only issued by an energetics certifier with the right qualifications or an expert.

The certificate:

The energy certificate is and energetic and thermal calculation, which has the following benefits:
  • it shows the real estate’s real energy efficiency
  • explores the energetics and technical deficiencies
  • can propose interventions which results in energy-saving in order to have better energetics rating for the building
  • in case of the renovation applications of the prefabricated houses and apartments, the energetics certificate is a requirement for the subsidy’s application and the improvement of the energetics quality grade marked in the energetics certificate
  • in case of selling a real estate, from the studies required for the energetics certificate you can learn what kind of modernization should be done to sell the property more favorable
  • in case of purchasing a real estate the certificate should be taken into consideration when deciding to have a more accurate picture of the expected energy costs of the real estate
If you have any arising question about the certificate or the certification itself, our colleagues are at your service at our contact information.

Our services:

  • The completion of Building Energetics Certificate and Audit by the decree 176/2008. (VI.30)
  • Technical advice, determination and reaching of energetics goals

Loss detection/survey

Our company overtakes the complete surveying of private or publicly owned real estate, residential-, commercial-, and industrial buildings and institutions, which covers all the energy producing and energy consuming systems.

Our services:

  • Technical survey: energy efficiency of lighting systems, the main energetics characteristics, energy generating (heating, cooling) systems of institutions, buildings
  • Preparation of energy efficiency technical plan for competitions and developments
  • Economic analysis: the costs of procurement, production and use of energy, the costs of operating the systems, the return on investment on some of the existing investments

Increase of energy efficiency

Our company overtakes propositions which results in energy-saving interventions for privet and publicly owned property, residential-, commercial-, and industrial buildings and institutions.

Our services:

  • Modernization of energy consuming systems: modernization of heating and cooling secondary systems
  • Modernization of inner lightning systems
  • Building energetics development: insulation, modernization of windows and doors (see. architectural services)
  • Modernization of energy producing systems: upgrading the heating/cooling systems on primary side
  • Application of renewable energy (solar, biomass, heat pumps)
  • Upgrading the street lighting: improved service level with lower energy costs
  • Intelligent and efficient operation: develop a low resources and cost requiring energetics operating system
  • Energy use patterns: transformation of the energy use patterns and cost savings through the introduction of modern and intelligent controlling systems


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