Applications and projects

Our company provides full service with the preparation of domestic and EU technical proposals, studies, in the implementation of the project and in the maintenance if needed.

Our company and subcontractor group have built an excellent professional work relationship with the involved organizations and with the staff of the managing authorities. This assures our costumers the continuous controlling of the applications and the excellent technical content prepared according to the customer’s needs.

Main activities:

  • Monitoring the possibilities of applications, ensure consultations
  • Technical support for domestic and EU applications
  • Preparation and writing of applications
  • Writing of feasibility study and conceptual designs
  • Preparation, competitive tendering, management of procurement
  • If required, customer-side project management
  • Full project administration
  • Preparation of financial accounts and project reports
  • Liaison with the intermediaries and control-related tasks
  • Management of maintenance period, writing and preparing of featured tenders
  • Complex technical project management


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