Real estate services

  • Project management
    • The launch of a certain project is always preceded by thorough and flexible market research which is always suited to the demands of the situation at hand. The project management tasks are performed by our own specialists who cooperate with the specialists organizing and controlling the execution. The work is carried out according to a model: from the beginning all the way up to the time the project is handed over to the project operator. The basis for effective project management is the planned monitoring of all the various areas.
  • Planning
    • The architectural and technical planning operations are carried out by our own team of architects, with the involvement (if necessary) of various professional designers and companies. As early as during the planning stage, we pay special attention to the reliability of the various solutions and to the development of a concept based on renewable energy sources. As a result of this, we ensure a kind of cost effectiveness which provides our clients with a predictable decrease in price.
  • Implementation
    • The construction of the buildings is carried out by certified contractors.


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