Real estate with loft conversion and expansion
The property development sector of our company focuses on real estate in downtown Budapest which may be expanded through addition or loft expansion. The buildings involved are grand historical buildings which can, through loft conversion and additions, satisfy high quality demands for a downtown lifestyle.

„Zöld Otthon” Residence
The project is located in Budapest’s 4th district, one of the most dynamically developing suburbs of the city, in Béla st. 22-24. The apartment building, which in its appearance resembles a townhouse, has 14 apartments, a large inner garden and private gardens as well, and is equipped with an “A” energy class geothermal system which fully satisfies all the demands of the 21st century. For more information please visit the project’s website:

Budapest, Business Park
Our company owns a building lot which is suitable for the construction of a business park in one of Budapest’s dynamically developing districts. In accordance with the lot’s zoning classification, our company would like to create a business park suitable for accommodating company headquarters and premises, along with all the necessary infrastructure. During the development of the business park special attention will be paid to energy awareness as well as to state-of-the-art technical engineering solutions which we believe will satisfy our clients’ demands to the highest degree.

Budapest, Martinovics square commercial premises
Our company has created a thoroughly and beautifully renovated shop on the ground floor of a historical building with street level entrance, a raised gallery, and a huge glass shop-front in a frequented area of Budapest’s 10th district. Due to its location and design, it is perfectly suited to be used as a showroom or for retail or wholesale activities.


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