Architectural design

The basic pillars of our company’s construction activities are the architectural design, the design of family residences, residential-, commercial-, and industrial buildings and the full provision of the related tasks (ex. licensing) based on the needs of the customers. We have many designer references from the most different segments. We also undertake the creation of professional visualization. We welcome the preparation of visualization for not only buildings designed by our company but for already finished plans. In case of preparing visualization we build the whole 3D model of the building for you (the inner spaces, the surrounding, landscaping) if needed.


Our office undertakes the turnkey preparation of the designed buildings. Upon agreement, the preparation of itemized budget and schedule of preparation for the investments, material procurement and implementation. Our references include both full implementation of newly built properties and renovation and rehabilitation of listed buildings.

Material procurement

Our colleagues, who deal with material procurement, can fulfill your needs of construction materials and equipment from the simple to the most daring notion, from the traditional to the premium quality. Thanks to our company’s extensive international system of connections, we can deliver the materials according to your idea with full warranty through well-known suppliers.


With experience of domestic and international design and implementation, with experience of the implementation of special building structures, with the knowledge of domestic, European, and Far-Eastern construction solutions and laws we undertake to answer the arising engineering questions in connection with completed or under construction, or in the development-stage investments.


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