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WBSnet Ltd. is a leading software and hardware developing company located in Europe and Asia. We combine creativity with our technological expertise in order to offer leading edge solutions for various industries. Our company employs innovative and eminent technologies to offer a wide spectrum of applications combined with reliable hardware solutions.

Our company was founded in 2002. Our staff is highly trained in modern industrial planning as well as in software and hardware development.

Why WBSnet?

  • Leading edge solutions We follow current industrial tendencies; therefore we can offer the best possible solutions using modern technologies.
  • Reliable solutions We perform testing and quality assurance procedures all the way from planning to execution.
  • Quick execution Our company’s central knowledge base helps us utilize already existing solutions in solving new tasks. This way we are able to speed up the implementation process in the case of new products.

WBS News

WBSnet Ltd. at RENEXPO

We are happy to inform you that our company took part on Hungary's professional Energy Trade Fair, the 5th RENEXPO® Central Europe International Trade Fair and Congress for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency as an exhibitor.

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Breaking news from the gaming world

As we had reported earlier, we have started work on our game development project. Our first promotional game is connected to this: it reflects the style of the game to be released in December and, through it, users can become familiar with some of the functions to be found in the final version of the game. This promo game is scheduled to be released in the middle of September.

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New website

We are glad to announce the completion of our new website which is more up-to-date and user friendly; we also hope it is nicer in appearance and more transparent than the previous version.

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Life is a game

We have always been open to new and creative technological solutions and have always been on the lookout for tasks involving great challenges. For a long time now, we have been planning to try our hands at game development, and now finally the time has come. We have started work on our first game development project and we expect to present the result to the public by the end of December.

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New site launched

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